The mysterious pyramids of Egypt

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The pyramid of Egypt is a great mysterious structure in the world. Among the seven wonders of earth it is one of them.  The pyramid was built 4,500 years ago during the Fourth Dynasty of ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom. At that time, Egypt was a powerful, highly centralized monarchy, wealthy from trade and Nile-nourished agriculture.

Ancient Egyptian King believed that Man can be again made be alive death. But   from who they gained the concept? Some scientist says the alien of other planet came to earth in Egypt of that ancient time. They made alive some dead people using their ultimate biotechnology and biophysics. They came to earth riding on their ultra-modern spaceship looks like a ball of fire. They were looks like a different kind of human. At first, the king and general people of Egypt of the ancient world get frightened to see them. They treat the aliens as a God and goddess. There are a lot of ancient Egyptian book that describes the face and looks of the aliens who came at that time. The alien contacted with the ancient Egyptian king.

The aliens taught the king pharaoh Khufu that man can be made alive again after death .So they ordered the king pharaoh to make mummy. But how they should make mummy? The alien taught them how to make mummy using their ultimate technology and power. After long time staying in ancient Egypt the aliens went back to their planet on a very long distance star riding on their spacecraft. But they promised they will come back again and advised the king to make mummy   of their dead body.

Some scientist says there were      different  kinds of belief in ancient  Egypt. Historic Egyptians also believed that after the king died, part of his spirit (referred to as “ka”) remained with his frame. To correctly care for his spirit, the corpse was mummified, and the entirety the king might need within the afterlife become buried with him, which includes gold vessels, food, fixtures and different services. The pyramids have become the focal point of a cult of the useless king that was speculated to keep nicely after his death. Their riches would offer no longer best for him, but also for the loved ones, officers and clergymen who were buried close to him.


The amazing Pyramid is the ultimate expression of  power of ancient Egypt. The pharaoh Khufu, who reigned from 2509 to 2483 B. C., built for himself a pyramid whose base propagate across more than 13 acres and formerly towered 479 feet tall. The monument involves about sequel installation payments on 3 million limestone blocks, which had to be quarried, transported, cut to size, and moved into place.

There are some hidden chamber in the pyramid. Scientists have found them using laser technology. There are underground burial chambers in Khufu’s Pyramid contains several large rooms inside the body of the structure itself. The King’s chamber holds a stone sarcophagus, the smaller Queen’s chamber and a sloping passageway known as the Grand Gallery. Some visitor claims that there are amazing, different feelings in the hidden chamber after entering into it. The also claims nausea and vomiting feelings.The Imagination power of their mind was increased after their visit into that chamber.


But how the great pyramid of Egypt was built? That’s a great question. Some scientist says, the alien built the pyramid using their ultimate technology or they taught people how to build pyramid. They were the enginner and caretaker of pyramid construction Some scientist disagrees with this agreement. They say pharaoh Khufu built it by using manpower and ancient Egypt civil engineering. They moved the heavy weight stone by wooden slides with sand in front of the sled wetted to reduce friction. Droplets of water created bridges between the grains of sand, helping them stick together.

Khufu’s Pyramid is built specifically of limestone (with large pink granite blocks utilized in some indoors chambers), It includes over 2,000,000 blocks ranging in weight from five tones (5,500 lb.) to fifteen tones (33,000 lb. And is constructed on a square base with facets measuring about 230 m (755 feet), masking thirteen acres. It’s four sides face the four cardinal points exactly and it has an perspective of fifty two levels. The authentic top of the Pyramid was 146.5 m (488 ft).However today it is handiest 137 m (455 toes) excessive, the 9 m (33 toes) this is missing is because of the robbery of the great first-class white Tura limestone masking, or casing stones, for construction in Cairo.

There are other kinds of theories about how the pyramids were made. How pyramids were constructed is likewise a count of a few controversy. From traditional perspectives, regarding the period of time and the labor pressure of workers required has modified in current years. Maximum Egyptologists no longer believe that many slaves were used, and it is probably that a lot of the maximum tough work of hauling the large blocks up ramps became probable carried out the use of beasts of exertions which includes oxen. Experiments have additionally demonstrated that it probably took less time to construct them than we at the beginning concept. One motive is that there had been probable no longer as many solid blocks used as we as soon as believed. Rubble and sand had been rather used to fill pockets surrounded by using stable stone, commonly.


There are many myths about pyramids. Some scientist says any kind of dead animal body does not rot in pyramid. Pyramid structure has a natural power to make dead body conservated. There is a supernatural power in the pyramid. The pyramid obeys the mathematical calculation of our sloar system and earth. In the ancient Egyptian books has written that the faraoh kufu and other mummy dead body has given curse on the visitor inside the pyramid. The curse is “Who will enter into the pyramid will die accidentally later.” Many visitor and scientist has seen ghost in the hidden chamber of piramids of giza. Even Napolean, the great ruler saw ghost after entering into pyramids hidden chamber. Truly many visitors had died accidentally later after visiting the hidden chamber. Some of them have gone mad. There is a myth that the great ship Titanic was sink because it was carrying a mummy.

There are many pyramids in Egypt. The maximum famous Egyptian pyramids are the ones determined at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. several of the Giza pyramids are counted among the largest systems ever built. The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the biggest Egyptian pyramid.

The alien had given promise that they will come back again in earth and will make the mummy alive. But will they truly come? But when? Is there any way to contact with them?

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