How to get rid of from an addiction

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There are many kinds of addiction and bad habits; Such as smoking, drinking alcohol, music addiction, drug addiction etc. There are many one who are in bad habits and addiction. They are trying enough to get rid of from that bad habits but failed. There are many tips, tricks and method to give up an addiction. Here are some useful and necessary tricks and tips that can really help you.

Make strong wish: At first, you have to make a strong wish to give up. You need to make understand yourself that this addiction is really hampering you and your life and this bad habit can be destroyed for your life, dreams, ambition, and relationship. You have to take a clear decision that you will give up that by hook or by crook. Somebody feel confused whether he should give up it or not. As a result, they never succeed in their attempt. So, number one tip is making a strong & powerful wish.

Write and analysis the bad effect & demerits: Take a notebook. Write down there the bad effects of your addiction on your mind, health and life a to z. Memorize them. Think details about them. Now., analysis why you are doing the addiction again and again. There is always some support and wrong idea about addiction in the deep of addicted mind. They think, there is something good in bad habits and addiction. Write down them and analysis the wrong idea. Cut of your statement in the favor of bad habit or addiction one by one. You have to make understand your mind clearly that the advantage and merits of having a bad habit or addiction is completely wrong idea. This is very important fact. Keep the notebook near your hand and read them regularly and rememorize them. This notebook will help you next step.

Analysis;why are you doing this. Do you have depression, frustration, anxiety or phobia? Do you have a broken heart gifted by your lover? Do you get relaxed after smoking, drinking alcohol or taking addiction substance? Do you getting entertainment in that addiction? Are you completely lonely and separated from society or outside world? Do you think smoking or drinking alcohol is good for health? Do you have a family problem? Have you no faith in any religion? There may be many reasons to get addicted and continue that. Difference of personality it may be different. You have to find out the exact reason through yourself. I personally do not know you. As a result, I cannot guess what your actual reason of bad habit is or addiction. However, after finding out the exact reason, you have to be clear about it. This is an important step. Smoking, alcohol or addiction is not a permanent solution of depression, frustration, anxiety, phobia or any mental problem. Most of the addicted have a mental reason behind their addiction. Smoking or alcohol may give a temporary relief but gradually it increases the mental problem. If you have any mental problem like frustration, depression, anxiety or phobia go to a psychiatrist and obey his direction. Neuromedicine can control your thoughts and emotion and keep ability to solve any kind of mental problem. You need to eat them for a long time according to your psychiatrist.

Most addicted try to give up, but when they try to do that they face unbearable mental and physical sufferings or pain. By observing the pain, sufferings and difficulty they get afraid. They think it will happens negative something or dangerous something on their health by feeling and observing their pain, suffering or difficulty. Don’t get afraid. Nothing will happen. Only the pain or suffering will occur. Giving up bad habit or addiction cannot harm human physically or mentally permanently. Temporarily, it is seem to addict that there is something wrong in body and mind. But it is completely temporary. It will reduce day by day. This is the key point. Many one cannot bear the pain or suffering when they try to remove addiction because their mind and nerve is weak. And it is completely normal and natural.  If that happen something at first, make your mind and nerve strong or stronger. But how can you do that hard job? That is the question.

To strong your nerve firstly you need to exercise regularly or play hard physical game like cricket, football, hockey etc. I prefer playing football. Increase of your time of playing day by day. Don’t look at the efficiency of playing. You need to only run behind ball to make you nerve and body strong, powerful and create ability for pain bearing. If you do not find anybody to play with you, play alone. If there is no option and opportunity to play; run, run and run in your room or in park or even in roads. You have to do it anyway. If you can’t run from the starting day, don’t worry .Walk quickly on the first day;. Then day by day start slow running, continue it for some days and then start running in the full swing quickly.  This will make or nerve &body stronger to bear pain or suffering while you will try to give up addiction.

Now comes to making your mind strong. These tips will be appropriate for you have a weak mind. Try to understand the hard reality; try to understand the sufferings of poor for their poverty. If you lead a too much comfort life then try to make a hard life by reducing eating first-food or reducing all kind of entertainment gradually like TV watching, gambling or too much sleeping etc.

You can watch some hard struggling movie. Do these gradually and slowly, don’t to it suddenly otherwise negative effect may come on body and mind. These activities will make your mind stronger gradually.

You may make an alternate habit like enjoying soft music, movies or eating chocolate, chewing gum etc to forget and staying away from bad habit but be careful that that alternate habit might not be permanent and regular. You need to apply your own intelligence here.


Failure: For the first few days, when you will try to give up addiction, you will fail again and again due to many reasons. Don’t get afraid by observing your failure. It is normal. After, every failure you have to analysis the failure. Why and how you have failed? What is the main reason? How is the feeling when you are trying? What’s going wrong and where you making mistake. Write them and solve every problem. You have to go ahead by solving every problem one by one. Then make a preparation and take a plan according to different method &way of try that fits with you and your personality. And try again. Be patient and do it again and again. Success is not so easy. If it would easy, then everybody would do. So you have to win in your hard try.

When you will become successful in removing from addiction, you will get a different and & new life. Everything will go in favor of you then. You will make money, make new awesome friends, you will get importance to your family and society, and you will make a trip, picnic etc everything you want. Dry to imagine and make dream every time them when you are in trying to giving up. This dream will make strong desire to get rid of addiction. And strong desire always will make you stronger, patient and powerful. At last, you will get SWEET success. After successful recovery, you will have risk to start the bad habit or addiction again. So hate it. Always, keep enough distance whom are addicted.

Personally, I was a chain smoker and I have given up with hard try for six month. I had to do a too much struggle. You will also win. My English writing standard is very low but I hope it will not make a hard problem what I am trying to advising you.

Use your struggle experience and unbearable sufferings for next time life leading. Wish you be a winner against bad habit or addiction. Thanks a lot for reading.Stay well.

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